Wolverine WAS Audio Wireless Transmitter and Receiver
Make Your Existing Sound System Wireless


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With the Wolverine WAS Audio adapters you can turn your favorite Sound System or amplified PC speakers into a wireless sound system. The only wireless Adapters of its kind to incorporate both standard 5.8 Ghz for long-range wireless transmission and Bluetooth wireless connectivity.


The Wolverine WAS comes with a 5.8GHz Audio Transmitter that can send any audio signal wirelessly up to 200 feet away. With its advanced 5.8GHz frequency, you get a digital signal with less interference and broadest coverage. The Transmitter receives its audio signal either from the 3.5mm audio jack or by pairing a Bluetooth audio device.


The Receiver connects to any Sound System or amplified Speakers using a 3.5mm-to-RCA audio cable or 3.5-to-3.5 audio cable to enjoy streaming your audio wirelessly from your smart devices, MP3 players, cable box or PCs.


  • Turn your favorite Sound System or amplified speakers into a wireless sound system.
  • Wolverine WAS comes with digital 5.8GHz Wireless Transmitter plus a 5.8GHz Receiver for long-range transmission.
  • Connect to the Transmitter through Bluetooth or the 3.5mm Audio-in Jack.
  • Long-range wireless: Stream music from up to 200 feet away from your speakers. Perfect for streaming music from PCs that are far away.

Connectivity Chart 


  • 5.8GHz Transmitter with Bluetooth Receiver
  •  5.8GHZ Receivers
  •  3.5-to-3.5 Audio Cable
  •  3.5-to-RCA Audio Cable
  • Two 5VDC Power adapters