**NEW** Wolverine TransMedia All-in-one Home Movies, DVD’s & CD’s Digitizer
Resurrect and Preserve Your Old Videos From Camcorders, VCR’s, DVD’s and CD's into Today’s Digital Formats

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Resurrect and preserve your old videos from Camcorders, VCRs and DVDs and Audio CDs into today’s MP4 (720p) digital formats that you can record directly to SD cards, Flash drives, Hard Drives, or burn DVDs using the built-in DVD recorder/player. This multi-faceted machine not only records but also can be used as a multimedia player for your TV through its HDMI output. Furthermore, use the TransMedia as a backup device. Directly copy any data from SD-Cards to Flash-Drives or Hard-Drives or vice versa.

Recoding Options:

  • AV-in (Camcorder/VCR) to DVD-ROM
  • AV-in (Camcorder/VCR) to USB-Flash (up to 256GB USB2.0) or SD-Card (up to 32GB SDHC)
  • DVD to USB-Flash/Hard-Drive or SD-Card
  • CD's to USB-Flash/Hard-Drive or SD-Card
  • USB-Flash/Hard-Drive or SD-Card to DVD-ROM

Playback to TV or 4.3” Built-in LCD from:

  • DVD
  • SD-Card
  • Flash-Drive
  • Hard-Drive

Ports and Drives
AV-RCA-IN, DVD (in/out/play), SD-Card (Read/write/play), USB port (read/write/play), HDMI-out, 4.3” color LCD.

Dimensions: 6(W)x6(L)x1.5(H) inches

TransMedia: I copied to DVD but it wont play on my DVD player

To play recordings on a stand-alone DVD Player you need to setup the machine to record as "Video".

Go to "Menu" > "Setup > DVD Burn Type > Select "Video" and press Enter.

Please, note that the default is to record to DVD's as DATA that can only be read through Computers.

TransMedia: What type of file do I get when I copy DVD or CD to USB Flash or SD card?

Using the built-in DVD/CD player the machine will copy the files from DVD to USB Flash or SD card in the native VOB file format.  To play VOB files on computers, you can download the free program VLC from www.videolan.org.

From CD's the machine will copy files to USB Flash or SD card in MP3 and WAV files.

TransMedia: When I copy multiple DVDs to USB drive or SD card only the last DVD is saved.

We identified a bug where the TransMedia will only retain the last DVD copy in the folder "dvd" because all dvd files have the same file names.  A temporary workaround until we fix this issue with a firmware update detailed below:

  1. Copy the first DVD the normal way by selecting from the menu DVD > USB/Card.
  2. TransMedia will create the folder "DVD" on the USB or SD card to store all the video files.
  3. After the transfer is complete take the USB drive or SD card to the computer and change the folder name "DVD" to a different name.
  4. Replug the USB drive or SD card back into the TransMedia and copy the next DVD and the TransMedia will create a new "DVD" folder.  Repeat step 3 before the following DVD.

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